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Dennemeyer Group acquires innovative provider of semantic patent search services octimine

Matthias PötzlMatthias Pötzl

Munich / Luxembourg, 05.11.2018: The Dennemeyer Group announces the acquisition of “octimine technologies GmbH”, an innovative startup company based in Munich, Germany. Octimine, founded in 2015, provides cutting-edge patent searching and patent analysis technology using artificial intelligence (“AI”).

Dr. Reinhold Nowak, CEO of the Dennemeyer Group, says: “The acquisition of this innovative startup is a huge achievement in further realizing our global strategy. For more than 55 years it has been our mission to drive innovative efficiency and deliver highest service quality for the management of global Intellectual Property (IP).” Octimine’s technology and products will enhance Dennemeyer’s existing IP product and service portfolio. The exponential growth of patents and publications requires advanced big data algorithms for research, patent search and patent analytics. Dr. Nowak adds: “Octimine has evolved from a research team of the well-known Munich Max-Planck Institute, guided by Prof. Dietmar Harhoff, Ph.D., to a provider for AI assisted tools. Out of a database, containing over 100 million patents worldwide, searches deliver in seconds scored, ranked, and prioritized lists of patents, landscapes, clusters and analytics.”

Dr. Matthias Pötzl, co-founder and managing director of octimine, states: “The integration into one of the largest IP service providers is a major step forward for us. Combining our search and analytics capabilities with the full range of IP services as well as the global structure of the Dennemeyer Group creates exciting new opportunities.”

Dr. Michael Natterer, co-founder and octimine’s second managing director, adds: “We are fully convinced that Dennemeyer’s owner-managed organization, fast decision making and entrepreneurial culture as well as its long-term orientation are a perfect fit for us. We look forward to becoming a part of the Dennemeyer Group and shaping the future of IP together.”

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