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Table of content

  1. Account settings

    1.1 How to create your account
    1.2 Change password/user name/ phone number/ Fax number/ email address/
    1.3 Terms and conditions

  2. First Steps

    2.1 Explanatory Videos
    2.2 How to search for patents

  3. Interactive Graphs

    3.1 Top Applicants
    3.2 Top Technological Fields
    3.3 Technology Time Line
    3.4 Technology over Time Heat Map
    3.5 Top IPC Codes
    3.6 Patents by Authorities
    3.7 Patent Impact & Risk
    3.8 Similarity Density Curve

  4. Use Cases

    4.1 FTO Search
    4.2 Prior Art Search
    4.3 Technology exploration / License Search

  5. Error Alerts

    5.1 When searching via patent number(s)
    5.2 When searching via text

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    6.1 What is octimine?
    6.2 What databases does octimine cover?
    6.3 How often is the data updated?
    6.4 In which language does our search engine operate?
    6.5 I already work with Boolean searches. How can semantics help me?
    6.6 I did a patent search and retrieved 1000 results. Is this normal?
    6.7 How can I identify the most relevant documents?
    6.8 How can I know if my search was successful?
    6.9 How can I get more information about a specific patent?
    6.10 Why should I use the “harmonize applicants” feature?
    6.11 Can I export my results?
    6.12 Can I save my results?
    6.13 Are my searches save with octimine?

  7. Main Technical Fields

    Main Area 1: Electrical Engineering
    Main Area 2: Instruments
    Main Area 3: Chemistry
    Main Area 4: Mechanical Engineering
    Main Area 5: Other Fields

  8. General Terms

    Country Code
    Index (also Similarity Index)
    Kind Code
    Patent Family
    Priority Date

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