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China issued more than twice as many patents as the US in 2015 – quantity vs. quality?!


While patent applications growth in China is huge with 22.9% octimine considers only a third of them as a potential threat for western companies.

In 2014, 2.34 million patent applications were published worldwide. This number reached 2.51 million in 2015, which implied an increase of 7.3%. However, a closer look to the top 10 patent applicants in the last two years, reveals that China played a vital role in how these figures turned out.

Chinese patent applications show a plus of 178.006 during 2014 and 2015, which means a 22.9% more. Due to China´s aggressive IP strategy, the country almost hit the 1 million publication mark. Of course, one can argue how many of those patent publications would actually meet the patentability standards of other industrialized countries.

After an exhaustive research, extracting valuable information from industry experts, octimine has come to the following conclusions: one third of these patents is absolutely worthless, another third is unclear and only the last third can maybe be considered as a potential threat for the western companies that operate in the Chinese market.

So 640.000 patents should be watched at carefully. The question is: Which ones?

Other top patent issuers like Europe (as measured by EP applications, +5.4%), USA (+0.5%), Japan (+4.5%), Korea (-1.6%) and Germany (+1.0%) show a slight increase to slight decrease from 2014 to 2015. In the ranking of the TOP 10 most active patent authorities, the Russian and Canadian patent offices dropped out and were replaced by Australia and India.

Analyzing these figures, it is amazing to discover that the total number of patent applications in the rest of the world is actually facing a stagnation.

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